Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A quick note

I thought maybe a gentle reminder on here would help get my surname spelt correctly? Butler with one "t". Now I know how it feels as a kid when the teacher spells your name incorrectly :-).


  1. Trust me Bev I felt terrible when the NZ Quilter came & your name, Lynne's and especially Maree Tournier's name were all spelt wrong in it!I will email them to let them know!I hadn't sent in our names as I just thought a photo was being put on the show & tell page & there wouldn't be any text!Wish I had now as I hate names spelt wrong, not so much for myself (which I get often) but for others!

  2. Maree I'm not losing any sleep over this!! Just mentioned it for future reference. Has been wrong on the last two photo entries on the blog. Thank you for showing the initiative to write to NZQuilter on our behalf. Was chuffed to see our article in there.