Friday, May 27, 2011

month 3

Sorry lady's for being a tad slow but here are my photos of the finished 12x12 quilts for month 3. Carol Lindales word was Fiberlisous ( sorry for spelling ). They all look AMAZING!!! and the photos really do then no justice, the workmanship is just so good and is getting better!

Maree Tournier

Lynne Rowe

Wendy Lang

Sheena Brock

Mary Raleigh

Donna Ward

Carol Lindale

Maree Schroder

Bev Buttler

Ashleigh Ward

Eileen Greenfield

Marj Peirson

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Well Ashleigh this one has thrown me. My family, any family a family of animals .... My head is a jumble of ideas. Think I will be sketching for quite a long time to get my ideas workable.
Looking forward to catching up with everyone over some fiberlicilous quilts. Was quite weary of this in the beginning but now really happy with my end result.
Hope everyone else is progressing well and happy with their results.