Friday, September 30, 2011

Lettuce, OOPS!! Letters

Well the head is a jumble of letters, and time is passing rapidly. Got a busy weekend focusing on getting this one started and ...... finished. I hope! Something usually crops up with the family and my letters, plans slip off the page.
A lot of ideas have been planned and scraped, but really happy with my current idea. Not as adventurous this time but sometimes simplicity works alot better.
Hope you are all enjoying the process and look forward to catching up in a few weeks and sharing our quilts again.
Quite excited about presenting my word, which has changed several times in the last few weeks.


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you have done with this theme Sheena and to getting the next word!! As usual I have not achieved my stated goal of having this block done in the first two weeks. Its still in my head but itching to get out. Have finished a kiwiana Saturday sampler quilt started in 2009 :-) for my daughter, and have to make a 5th birthday dress for my grand daughter by the 10th Oct. Looking after grandkids in the first week of the holidays. I am sure "letters" will emerge in a mad panic - as usual - amidst all of that. Really enjoyed our lunch. We should do it again.

  2. I really enjoyed our lunch afternoon, definately keen to do it again. Despite the weather we had that day.
    You sound really busy heading up to the reveal date. Some of us do like to work under pressure, well put the pressure on ourselves. I'm sure the letters will spill out onto the quilt, perhaps a wordfind is a good idea. Good luck Bev look forward to the reveal day.

  3. Ha did you get your quilt done in the weekend as planned Sheena?I thought I would have mine finished by now but obviously i love putting that pressure on myself also!Things have just totally gone astray here!I look forward to the reveal date also & never get my 12x12 finished before I start wanting a new word!