Monday, November 14, 2011

International 12x12

Just a note that the International 12x12 group have just announced their new challenge as noted by Bev. They have now changed the size of their quilts to 20x12 and will be doing 5 Quilts this year. You have to check out their blog , Karen's husband Ted has surprised all the 12's with a glass plate of one of their quilts! They are amazing!!


I watched the movie Labyrinth with my grand daughters and there is more than enough inspiration in there for "Fantasy". Just hope I have left enough time to do what I plan. I am tossing many words around in my head. I note with interest that the International 12's have "Metamorphosis" as their new word - which is one I played with for a while - so that is off the list! Looking forward to the next reveal.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Phew Ashleigh, lucky you were organised & did your Fantasy 12x12 early! Congrats on the safe arrival of baby Lincoln on your actual due date - that was clever!! Once again I am lagging behind. I finally sat down yest after a mad mad week & started drawing out my idea for this challenge, which is due on 27th Nov - Eek! Unfort I was soon interrupted, but hopefully my idea will work! If not I will resort back to the one thing that wouldn't budge from my thoughts - Dragons! I look forward to seeing what everyone has done as I struggled coming up with an idea for this, I obviously need to work on my imagination!!!