Monday, October 17, 2011


Isn't it funny how you always seem to see something that you have been looking for after the event!! I tried to find a pic of a NZ postie as I thought they would probably have saddle bags? covering part of their back wheels,didn't find any decent pics & decided my more simple wheel was sufficient! This morn I had to go into Hamilton & saw two posties & they both had those bags. Typical!
I've been home alone for the last two weeks with my two mischievious boys so have missed socialising with all my fellow quilters, so thanks for a lovely avo! Great quilts once again with lots of interesting techniques & so much variety. I have been taunted by our next word "Fantasy" although, luckily I was so tired from my late night getting "Letters" finished, I did manage to get some sleep! I had a couple of thoughts this am but I don't think my 'fantasy' of doing something more simple will happen this month!!!

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