Friday, April 22, 2011

International 12x12

Hi Everyone. The next international 12x12 challenge quilts have been posted on their site . Wow some awesome ideas & the colour chartreuse is fantastic. Actually I have been using a version of it with a rich raspberry/pink fabric & I love that combination. I especially love Terri's postage stamp (has those two colours) & Gerrie's very colourful one. In saying that though, they are all so different & all really amazing! Makes me really excited to see what everyone does for fibrelicious, I am sure the results will be amazing. I started well but haven't done any more as procrastinating about my background!!Just came across a plastic bag given to me containing spare mouth-guards for Mason's rugby team that I am managing this year & there was my answer!!!Amazing where inspiration can come from!Happy sewing...or procrastinating!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

still struggling.

I note that one of the challenges at Symposium this year is 'fibrelicious". Am looking forward to finding out what these entries will look like.

I am really finding it hard to decide what to do this time. Wish I too could say I'm under way but its just not happening.

Friday, April 8, 2011

I've started also!

Yeah this time around I have also started my 12x12.I did decide on one thing, even went out & bought some extra bits to go with it, then promptly dropped that for the other idea I had...I figured my first idea will more than likely fit with a future topic. I managed to buy some gorgeous fabrics one afternoon when neither Donna or Ashleigh were at work.They are some of my favourite colour combinations so I am really enjoying this challenge!They are such yummy fabrics so I could probably have just used them to cover the "fibrelicious" topic...but there is more to do!Once again for such a small piece there is an amazing amount of work involved, but I am so pleased I have managed to get started already.Hopefully I am on the right track with the topic, & hopefully you are all doing well also!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I can safely say I am well underway with my Fiberlicous (was that how it was spelt?). On the drive home from our get together I had completely worked out everything that I was going to do, so when I got home it was off to the stash (also raided Granny's good old stash) and I started sewing right away. Also safe to say I havn't done any more since 6pm that Sunday but never the less it will hopfully be completed WAY before due date. Hope everyone else has got lots of cool ideas. Don't know if I will be able to wait the extra 2 weeks to see them this time, wait of course I will, i'll be shopping my heart out on the other side of the world :) happy sewing fellow 12x12ers.