Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Letters Photos

Here are the photos from our latest show and tell from Eileen's theme of "Letters". I really enjoyed doing this topic and once again was blown away with everyone's interpretation of it.

Lets hope I get all the names spelt right this time. I AM VERY SORRY BEV!! And others in the past!

Also some of them didn't photograph very well, sorry about that.

 Lynne Rowe

 Wendy Lang

 Eileen Greenfield

 Sheena Brock

Maree Schroder 

Marj Peirson 

 Donna Ward

Bev Butler 

Mary Raleigh 

Carol Lindale 

Maree Tournier 

Ashleigh Ward

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Ashleigh, you did a great job with the photos - better than ones I took - & of course all the names!And well done to everyone for another great show of quilts!Put your feet up Ash & gets lots of sleep while you can,well if you can....All the best!