Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Topic - TIME

We had a great get together on Sunday to share our "Texture" 12x12's. I was trying to upload the photos, however there is some sort of error happening so I will retry again later. The quilts were once again varied with everyone being very adventurous with lots of different techniques. Lovely work everyone. Maree T chose our next theme due on 6th May - "TIME", another challenging theme which could head in all sorts of directions!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Childhood 12x12's

Ashleigh Ward

Bev Butler

Carol Lindale

Donna Ward

Eileen Greenfield

Lynne Rowe

Maree Schroder

Maree Tournier

Marj Peirson

Mary Raleigh

Sheena Brock

Wendy Lang

Here is a group photo of our last 12x12 reveal day with our Childhood quilts! Unfortunately my Childhood Alphabet one (3rd across the top) wasn't quite finished in this photo but it is finished in the individual photos! Once again an awesome array of quilts. To actually hold & see these quilts up close is so much better than the photos, and of course we get to hear how each one is made and why!! Well done everyone!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Texture is definitely one of those topics that you could do endless things with! Initially I wasn't so keen until I saw this website Wow under her Arc-i-texture! gallery Carol has so many fabulous quilts with amazing colours!! In my search to maybe use some of her ideas I then came across a lovely lady who does art journals, lettering etc and draws/paints amazing pictures! She had drawn these really cool flowers which I thought would look great instead of spirals. So yesterday I emailed her and she has given me permission to use her flowers in a quilt. I need to send her a pic when it is done so the pressure is on!!! Hopefully I can do them justice!! So after being really excited seeing Carol's work, I have now gone off in a completely different direction....My Childhood 12x12 from last time is now finished so that's a relief!!