Friday, April 8, 2011

I've started also!

Yeah this time around I have also started my 12x12.I did decide on one thing, even went out & bought some extra bits to go with it, then promptly dropped that for the other idea I had...I figured my first idea will more than likely fit with a future topic. I managed to buy some gorgeous fabrics one afternoon when neither Donna or Ashleigh were at work.They are some of my favourite colour combinations so I am really enjoying this challenge!They are such yummy fabrics so I could probably have just used them to cover the "fibrelicious" topic...but there is more to do!Once again for such a small piece there is an amazing amount of work involved, but I am so pleased I have managed to get started already.Hopefully I am on the right track with the topic, & hopefully you are all doing well also!

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