Friday, April 22, 2011

International 12x12

Hi Everyone. The next international 12x12 challenge quilts have been posted on their site . Wow some awesome ideas & the colour chartreuse is fantastic. Actually I have been using a version of it with a rich raspberry/pink fabric & I love that combination. I especially love Terri's postage stamp (has those two colours) & Gerrie's very colourful one. In saying that though, they are all so different & all really amazing! Makes me really excited to see what everyone does for fibrelicious, I am sure the results will be amazing. I started well but haven't done any more as procrastinating about my background!!Just came across a plastic bag given to me containing spare mouth-guards for Mason's rugby team that I am managing this year & there was my answer!!!Amazing where inspiration can come from!Happy sewing...or procrastinating!!


  1. Yes, aren't they all stunning. I too like the postage stamp, and the wisteria, and Kirsten's algal bloom. I am intrigued as to how a plastic bag of mouth guards gave you inspiration! Wish some inspiration would fall down from the sky for me. Still haven't even decided what to do let alone start. Bit scary for me as I like to be well down the track by now.

  2. Oh the wisteria - that was fantastic!Didn't think much of the comments about why you would want to do something straight from a photo!That's a great challenge isn't it to see if you can re-capture the moment,& she did so well!
    Ha the plastic bag-unfort I wrecked my piece of fabric & with Donna being closed I couldn't get more of the fabric to re-try my idea!So I have used another fabric I had got but rejected due to its colour.Mum suggested coffee,& not to drink,so like Wendy I have used it to achieve a change in my fabric!Not my usual colour choice,or very fibrelicious! but hopefully it works!
    I feel for you Bev - that's usually me!Maybe someone gave you a lovely easter egg with all those beautifully coloured foil wrappings & you have got some inspiration from those!!??