Monday, March 28, 2011


Donna Ward

Marj Peirson

Bev Butler

Maree Shroder

Sheena Brock

Wendy Lang

Eileen Greenfield

Lynne Rowe

Ashleigh Ward

Carol Lindale

Mary Raileigh

Maree Tournier


  1. Once again congrats to everyone - wow what an amazing array of quilts. Very inspiring & a great way to spend the afternoon! Thanks Ashleigh for the lovely cupcakes - very fancy! On my way home I saw the number plate that inspired Sheena & also saw Waikato coloured balloons at someone gate!!!

  2. Also a big thanks to Ashleigh for spending time on Monday evening to include all the photos on our blog!(Ha even if you did still spell my surname wrong after Donna told you it wasn't spelt correct!!!)A big job i know so thanks so much!

  3. Woops sorry Maree Schroder... Did I get it right?