Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just do it!

Spent so much time thinking (usually in the middle of the night), sketching, browsing, researching, abandoning ideas and creating new ones, abandoning the obvious and creating the nebulous. Get over it Bev, just do it!! Tomorrow I will - just do it!!!


  1. Wow Bev, that sounds very familiar!!Hopefully I can get some time to sew this weekend although i do have to help school sell raffle tickets on sat & hubby informs me he is playing golf on sun....since when does he play golf!!!!Not much chance of me finishing a week early this time,oh well just to finish will be great!!

  2. Yes, well my intentions were good. I started and it was all wrong and had to modify my ideas. So haven't made much progress. BUT I have started!! Maybe it will rain on Sunday and golf will be cancelled? (or do they play in the rain?)

  3. Ha it didn't rain so Mark went off to golf & really enjoyed it!eek he was checking out golf clubs on Trade me later on !!Fortunately I got a little bit done but then felt ill & spent a lot of the day lying around with the kids!So much for my big sewing day!Last year when I felt like this I was bed ridden for 11 days so I'm trying to ignore it!!I'm excited bout doing this challenge so just wanna get on with it!