Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hi Everyone. I finally got a little bit of time on sunday evening to work on my quilt, got going with some machine sewing & then the power went off!!!Typical!!Fortunately I did have some dreaded hand sewing to do so with a useful,but unattractive,head lamp on I managed to do something!All I can say is thank goodness it is only 12x12 & there will be minimal quilting to do. Ha my school taxi service has started up again yesterday so hopefully once I get home I can find some motivation (somewhere???) to turn my house from it's bombsite state into a showroom so that I can sew without worrying that someone might turn up!! Look forward to our rapidly approaching next get-together!!That's exciting.

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  1. Oh no!! That is all so typical! Glad you got some of it done though. That totally suck about the teaching thing! Hope it is good news that you tell us when we have our next get together.