Sunday, January 23, 2011

Taken the Plunge

Well I've started, done lots of sketching and planning. Got cracking today and made some pieces towards my 12 x 12. Learning heaps as I go and hoping I'm not going to learn from too many mistakes. Wondering when everyone thinks they will be finished. I am thinking the 13 of February would suit me as I'm not the fastest worker. It does start to get exciting when you finally start. Next meeting I would like to find out how to get photos on the blog Ashleigh you computer whizz. Well time to get back to it good luck everyone.


  1. I am working towards a finish date of 13 Feb, think I will definitely need until then!!

  2. I certainly can show everyone how to do that.

  3. I certainly intend to be finished by 13 Feb. My only fear is that I will "blow it" right at the end and have to panic and start again :-(