Monday, March 5, 2012


Texture is definitely one of those topics that you could do endless things with! Initially I wasn't so keen until I saw this website Wow under her Arc-i-texture! gallery Carol has so many fabulous quilts with amazing colours!! In my search to maybe use some of her ideas I then came across a lovely lady who does art journals, lettering etc and draws/paints amazing pictures! She had drawn these really cool flowers which I thought would look great instead of spirals. So yesterday I emailed her and she has given me permission to use her flowers in a quilt. I need to send her a pic when it is done so the pressure is on!!! Hopefully I can do them justice!! So after being really excited seeing Carol's work, I have now gone off in a completely different direction....My Childhood 12x12 from last time is now finished so that's a relief!!

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