Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fantasy 12x12 Quilts

Wendy Lang

Sheena Brock

Mary Raleigh

Marj Peirson

Maree Tournier

Maree Schroder

Lynne Rowe

Eileen Greenfield

Donna Ward

Carol Lindale

Bev Butler

Ashleigh Ward

(Ashleigh - hope you don't mind me uploading our photos! Sorry not as good a job as you usually do, not squared up properly etc!!)


  1. They look good! That's fine, I wasn't getting to it any time soon. Havnt even attempted to start on my childhood! Need to get onto it

  2. Wow thanks Maree. I had forgotten what everyone else's looks like!! I have had one attempt at "childhood" and discarded that. Busy couple of weeks for me coming up so as usual will be a last minute effort - often the best way to do it for me :-)

  3. I did manage to start mine but have not done any in the last 2 wks as camping! As usual my idea is not quick & simple so will take some time to do!It has lots of little parts to it so they are being planned as i go along so I will probably be last minute also even tho I planned not to do that again!!!!