Monday, November 14, 2011


I watched the movie Labyrinth with my grand daughters and there is more than enough inspiration in there for "Fantasy". Just hope I have left enough time to do what I plan. I am tossing many words around in my head. I note with interest that the International 12's have "Metamorphosis" as their new word - which is one I played with for a while - so that is off the list! Looking forward to the next reveal.


  1. Phew, glad you have ditched that word!!!Feeling a bit apprehensive now about what you might replace it with!!!Thank goodness we will have a bit longer for it! As usual I haven't managed to start my Fantasy quilt but I am looking forward to the next word!!See you soon.

  2. Don't stress Maree. I have moved on from big words!! Hopefully everyone can fun with the next one - but I don't know what it is yet :-)