Friday, July 22, 2011


Dial-up has been so hopeless lately so I haven't posted anything for a while!We were so excited last week as Telecom said we would now be able to get Broadband,they sent us a modem...then bang we were rung to say after further checks we couldn't get it so send the modem back!!Aargh.....

Congrats everyone for your Family quilts!I was in Chch & I must say it wasn't the same looking at them online & not hearing the stories etc behind them!I just didn't 'get' a lot of them but luckily have now seen a few & Sheena told me a few details!They all look really interesting & I can't wait to see them(feel free to bring them along on the 31st!!!)

With being away,having Mum here,trips to Akl,kids,doing some of my Splash of Colour challenge....even though I chose Recycled I didn't really manage to get started as early as hoped but all going well I should be finished this weekend!Unfortunately I did glue some emb thread before stitching in the centre of my piece,didn't like it but left it over night just in case!Still hated it today so have removed it,hard to get all those bits glue off!!Bit annoyed with a couple of things & of course both in now @ that stage where I start doubting myself & quilt....but too late to change it!

Really look forward to our get together!!!

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