Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yes Get on with it!!

Ha I'm the same as Ashleigh, although I have stuck with my initial idea, i just need to get sewing!I have done some initial prep of pieces which are my main focus points but am really worried they will be too big for a 12x12 to look as I wanted them to! might look even simpler than I had initially thought!Ha definitely a challenge!!
The international challenge group have now posted their next colourplay 12x12 using the colour Spice - some interesting quilts & some even more interesting explanations of how they designed their quilts!!! Squares seem to always get me so I really like Kirsten & Gerrie's quilts with their lovely bright colours, & Helen's.Also the landscape done by Francoise & the simplicity of Diane's Burst of Flavour....well & .....I could probably just about list them all! Some interesting ideas & techniques!

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